31Jul Medical Council seeks submissions (* EXTENDED TO Aug 18th) on new Guide to professional conduct and ethics for registered medical practitioners

Please note: The deadline for submissions has been extended to 18th August.

Interested parties (this includes the general public) are encouraged to make submissions, as the ethical guidelines will govern medical practitioners for the next five years. 

The Pro-Life campaign reports:

The amended Guide issued by the Medical Council in 2019 (after the new abortion law was introduced) greatly undermined freedom of conscience protections for doctors who don’t wish to participate in abortions in any way.

It is critically important that the Medical Council receive the message loud and clear that changes are needed in this and other areas of the Guide.



Comhairle na nDochtúirí Leighis

Guide to professional conduct and ethics for registered medical practitioners

The Medical Council is the regulatory body for medical doctors in the Republic of Ireland. The Council’s purpose is to protect the public by promoting and better ensuring high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence among doctors.

The current (8th) edition of the ‘Guide’ was published in 2016 and amended in 2019. This edition is now being reviewed by the Council’s Ethics Committee in preparation of producing the 9th edition. As part of this review, a public consultation is now being held to obtain a broad range of feedback from individuals and organisations.

During our consultation, we want to hear from interested parties, for example

  • Registered Medical Practitioners (individuals and representative bodies) across the spectrum of career stages, practice settings and specialties
  • The general public and individuals and organisations that act in the public interest
  • Patients and service-users and those individuals and organisations who support and/ or act on their behalf
  • Individuals and organisations who are involved in the initial and ongoing education and training of medical practitioners
  • Health and associated services (public and private)
  • Those working in the health services
  • Individuals and organisations who have knowledge and experience related to medical ethics and professionalism.

To take part in the consultation:

Medical Council – Public Consultation on The Ethical Guide 

Current edition of the Guide: