03Oct Angela Hanley on the history of the diaconate ministry

Two diocesan bishops – Limerick and Kildare & Leighlin – indicated recently that they intend to proceed with asking lay men (only) to consider becoming deacons.

Theologian Angela Hanley spoke about the diaconate ministry, which was open to women, and its history to Monica Morley on Midwest Radio on Sun 3rd Oct 2021.



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  1. Soline Humbert

    Angela Hanley on the diaconate.
    Plus ça change,plus c’est la même chose… Nothing learnt from the Killaloe diocese experience 7 years ago.
    Never mind all the talk about a listening church and walking together, this is what patriarchy looks like.

  2. Phil Dunne

    I agree with all you said Angela. As for the diaconate as presently structured I fail to understand how any man can join a set-up that is patriarchal and misogynistic. Is it true that married men who join promise not to remarry if their wife dies?

  3. John Chadwick

    Angela Hanley on deacons…:

    Yes Phil, it is true that married deacons promise in a document signed before ordination not to re-marry should their wife die.

  4. Soline Humbert

    Angela Hanley on the diaconate.
    Further to Phil#2 and John#3

  5. Joe O'Leary

    Angela Hanley on Deacons…

    The creepiness of the church’s attitude to love and to women emerges here in a peculiarly insidious and irritant way.

    Today I discovered that a good Danish friend of mine is a direct descendant of Martin Luther.

    ‘If there had been no Reformation, I would not exist,’ he wryly remarks.

  6. Paddy Ferry

    Angela Hanley on the history of the diaconate ministry.

    John@4 and Soline @5, what can you say but ” OH my God !!.

    Totally embarrassing!