15Nov ACI Zoom: Being Catholic in Contemporary Ireland with Tom Inglis 25th Nov @ 8.00pm


Being Catholic
in Contemporary Ireland

Tom Inglis to Zoom for ACI

November 25th, 2021, at 8.00 p.m.

“The majority of Irish people see and understand themselves as Catholics. Being Catholic is embedded in school, community and family life. And yet there seems to be little interest in salvation in and through the Church. Moreover, being Catholic seems no longer relevant to fulfilling social, political, economic and, more significantly, environmental interests.” Tom Inglis – Irish Sociologist and Commentator 

This observation – by the renowned writer on the Catholic Church’s ‘Moral Monopoly’ in 20th century Ireland – will be expanded by Tom on 25th November – for discussion by all who are interested.

If, like ACI, you are convinced that ‘being Catholic’ is far from irrelevant in an ongoing world secular crisis – climatic and otherwise – be sure to join us to tell us why. 
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