29Nov ACP AGM 2021 Synod extract – audio and Kieran O’Mahony’s text

Following several requests for the Synod feature at the ACP AGM 2021…

Click on the link to hear Kieran O’Mahony, followed by Peter McLoughlin and Patricia Melvin (Killala Diocese).

Gerry O’Connor is the host.



Link below to the text of Kieran O’Mahony’s presentation: 


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  1. Soline Humbert

    ACP AGM2021 Synod extract.
    Patricia Melvin has an excellent Rite&Reason article in the Irish Times today https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/the-deep-heart-s-core-faith-of-lay-people-will-guide-catholic-church-for-uncertain-future-1.4742168

  2. Liamy Mac Nally


  3. Paddy Ferry

    ACP AGM 2021 Synod Extract.

    I am so pleased that I finally sat down and listened to Fr. Kieran’s excellent talk and also to hear of all that has happened in the Killala Diocese.

    Thanks, Liamy.