29Nov Tony Flannery: Suggestion for a Successful Synod

The Synodal Process has been launched in the Irish Church. Though from what I have seen on the ground, nothing much is happening as yet. But it is early days.

I have listened to a number of people speaking on the Synod, from different points of view, including Bishop Leahy of Limerick, who seems to be the main person from the bishops side who is involved. He was on the radio, Leap of Faith, the other evening with Derek Scally and Ursula Halligan. He should have known that it is not advisable to debate on air with Ursula unless you are very clear on your position and can express it well. Sufficient to say he wasn’t, and he came across poorly, and didn’t give me much hope for the success of the National Synod.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe O'Leary

    Tony Flannery: Synod suggestions…

    What Tony says in this article is so obvious that the Roman authorities must already know it, and be determined to suppress it (unless Pope Francis really does want to open debate and wrongfoot the CDF et al.).

    He says the same thing as Mrs McAleese: Stop the process now, if you do not want to subject the faithful to another time-wasting and demoralizing bait and switch.

  2. Paddy Ferry

    Tony Flannery: Suggestions for a Successful Synod.

    An excellent piece, Tony and thank you for your honesty.

    At home, in Ireland, you at least have people with the courage and insight-fullness to say what has to be said.