A note of thanks…and request for prayers

Pat Rogers, who is responsible for our daily Homily Resource and Readings, has been a mainstay of our site for so long. It is easy to take him for granted. He has always been an enthusiast for the ACP. He appeared to be exuberant about the presence of the ACP in the public domain and delighted in being able to help all the practitioners struggling with the Readings. It has been an excellent service and is the most consulted part of the site.

Pat has been unwell with Covid. He is now suffering from Long Covid and is quite poorly. We followed his progress over the months and even his lack of progress. We cannot ever forget his contribution to us as ministers. We are grateful for all he has given us and deeply appreciative of his inspiration and his encouragement. It would be good if we could keep him at the centre of our praying. Pat is very special for all of us.

In thanking Pat we also express our gratitude to his colleague, Gerard Bennett, who, through the goodness of his heart, posts the Readings on our website.

Míle buíochas agus rath Dé oraibh, Pat agus Gerard.

Séamus Ahearne osa.


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