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Advent & Christmas Missal

Season of Advent & Christmas Missal

With the ongoing difficulties being experienced by so many people with the "new translation" of the Roman Missal the ACP has decided to highlight the fact that there was, and is, a ready alternative available.

The then ICEL had revised the missal and their draft (the 1998 Missal) was approved by all English speaking conferences of bishops. Sadly it did not get approval from the Vatican and with the new regulations they enforced we have ended up with the current missal and all the problems it causes for celebrants and congregations alike.  These problems have been well rehearsed and point to poor grammar, poor syntax, false cognates, and despite the new regulation of strict literal translation even omissions from the original Latin text.

To show that an alternative is available the ACP is making available the prayers for the Advent and Christmas seasons along with the Order of the Mass from the 1998 Missal.

We would welcome feedback about whether or not renewed pressure needs to be put on our bishops about the ongoing difficulties we are experiencing with the celebration of the Eucharist while using the "new" Roman Missal. We would also like to know if you regard the 1998 Missal as a viable alternative.

As the cost of printing and postage is expensive we request a donation of €20 from people in Ireland and €25 from people living elsewhere to cover printing, postage and packing.

Copies can be requested below or by contacting

Liamy Mac Nally, Sheeaune, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Cheques should be made payable to 'Association of Catholic Priests'.
Requested; €20 for Ireland and €25 for all other places.

Price: €20.00

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