01Feb Some Useful Liturgical Texts

I find the section with Cemetery Prayers most useful on a rainy day, to avoid rain falling on the Funeral book.

01Nov Contributing ACP Podcasts

As we discussed briefly at our AGM (30/10/2019) it’s proposed to have a Podcast category on the website, to further our aim of sharing ideas about the present and future state of our church. In its current form it looks …

02Aug Open Letter to Theodore McCarrick

Don’t know where to send this. But here it is…

Dear Father in God and brother priest,


I stood holding the processional cross, right next to you, when you pressed the crucifix to your lips at the door

26Jul A true shepherd, Fr Pat Burke

In memory of a true shepherd ... homily given by Fr. Tod Nolan, Newport, at the month's mind for Fr Pat Burke (Westport, 25th July, 2018)

05Jun Knocking over Wardrobes

Seamus Ahearne celebrates his 21 years in Rivermount Parish in Finglas.
"We have created space for Voices. We have given confidence to people. We watch people grow and speak out of their own lives."

03Jun Time to talk to someone…

Chris McDonnell writing in the Catholic Times reminds us that despite the many forms in which the written word can be expressed " it is the spoken word that is our basic currency of exchange."
"In our own times, we have been continually reminded by Francis that conversation is important, that listening is part of understanding. That is why within parishes open conversation leads to involvement and pastoral care, one for another. .... we must not give up seeking conversation that is honest and purposeful."

01Jun Corpus Christi

The experience of Corpus Christi in Portugal, still celebrated on Thursday and a state holiday, gets Seamus Ahearne thinking; "The Feast is evocative. The past. The Procession. The dressed-up windows. The Monstrance. The Communion children. That big heavy cope. Relics of old decency. I wonder now what it all meant and means."
.... "The feast of Corpus Christi screams at us: Don’t be minimalist in what is celebrated at The Table of Life"

30May International Church Reform Network

Tony Flannery looks ahead to the fourth conference of the International Church Reform Network (ICRN) that will take place in Bratislava from 11 June to 15 June.

27May Can you believe it?

Seamus Ahearne casts an eye on affairs in Ireland from a safe and warm distance.
"We are hiding ourselves in the paint of the past. We are ornate museum pieces. And we may be. But the beauty of God is everywhere. The challenge to all of us is to reveal a God of such beauty and wonder. This is daunting. We have to strip off the paint of the ages. Our life is revelation. ........ God still is wonderful and is still taunting us and teasing us and surprising us."

27May Pastor

Brian Fahy's memory of an encounter with a lonely lost young Irish woman many years ago makes him reflect that " ‘Priest’ has connotations of someone who presides in liturgy, in religious ceremonies, ...... Whereas, ‘pastor’ ... is someone who cares about people."
"Let us help one another to tell our stories and to live."

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