02May Return from Exile

On Friday 1 May, the government launched its “Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business.” It proposes, in phase 4, the opening of "religious and places of worship where social distancing can be maintained.” The date planned for this is 20 July.
This means we have nearly three more months before opening our places of worship. What will we do with that time?
Pádraig McCarthy hopes to stimulate reflection and discernment.

15Apr 15 April, 2020. Wednesday of Easter Week

The places we try to get away from are where the seeds of new life will be found, for God can always bring light out of darkness....

14Apr 14 April, 2020. Tuesday of Easter Week

We need to let ourselves be met by our risen Lord, as Mary Magdalene was. She has something to teach us about seeking the Lord even in our grief.

11Apr Lockdown: the Holy Saturday experience

This year millions of us are locked in our homes. We are not going out to work, not going out to play, going nowhere to socialise. It is a bit like a big blank space, a shapeless empty time between BTV (‘Before the Virus’) a few weeks ago (aka ‘normality’) and ATV (‘After the Virus’) . . .

10Apr Celebrating Good Friday locked down at home

Disciples not only pray for one another, but seek to present the needs of suffering humanity before the God of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is a set of intercessions specially for this coronavirus year...

09Apr Celebrating Holy Thursday in the home

This is not a 'normal' Holy Thursday, but we may have discovered new aspects of our discipleship – and recovered long-forgotten parts of our tradition – through celebrating in this very unusual way.

07Apr Holy Week in 2020

If you are in lockdown this Holy Thursday and Good Friday., you or someone with you will have to act as a leader in prayer if you are to actually celebrate – which is more than tuning in to a celebration – these great days.

01Mar Liturgical Texts for Smartphones

I find the section with Cemetery Prayers most useful on a rainy day, to avoid rain falling on the Funeral book.

01Nov Contributing ACP Podcasts

As we discussed briefly at our AGM (30/10/2019) it’s proposed to have a Podcast category on the website, to further our aim of sharing ideas about the present and future state of our church. In its current form it looks … Read the rest

02Aug Open Letter to Theodore McCarrick

Don’t know where to send this. But here it is…

Dear Father in God and brother priest,


I stood holding the processional cross, right next to you, when you pressed the crucifix to your lips at the door Read the rest