08Jan Diocese of Ossory is top of Transparency League

Colm Holmes of 'We Are Church Ireland' prepared this report on the transparency of our 26 dioceses in Ireland using the same criteria as VOTF in the USA at the end of 2017.

05Jan Looking Two Ways Now

Chris McDonnell writing in the Catholic Times, January 5th 2018, offers a reflection for the new year.

05Jan Another Retired UK Bishop Comes Out Against the New Missal

praytellblog reports on how another retired UK bishop comes out against the New Missal.
“Like a number of my fellow bishops I have had plenty of time to repent of our original decision to vote this translation through Conference.”

23Dec Maybe we expect too much of Christmas

Brendan Hoban reflects, in his weekly Western People column, on our expectations of Christmas.

22Dec Wandering Thoughts

Seamus Ahearne reflects on the reality of pastoral ministry and care in a 'disadvantaged' parish;
"more work and different work is essential in a Deis (band 1) parish. Our Church is outside of the building. Our Liturgy has to happen on the hoof. The preparation for the special occasions needs more energy and more imagination. It has to be gentle, real and kindly. The domestic Church is the only church we now have."

22Dec The New Missal – Another Episcopal Apology

An update, by Mattie Long, on the ongoing story of the 'new missal' and the failure by some bishops to have paid it proper attention before they approved it, along with the their willingness to bow to pressure from Rome that "was intent on complete oversight."

21Dec Murdered for protecting Community

Sean McDonagh writes of an alarming rise in the number of those being murdered for defending their community’s lands, natural resources and wildlife. One of those murdered was Fr. Marcelito Paez. Fr. Paez’s murder took place during a two-day period which saw ten activists shot dead in Luzon and in the southern Philippines on the island of Mindanao.

15Dec Final Report of the (Australia) Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Over the next days, months, and years there will be much media coverage and comment on the The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
The report is vast, consisting of 17 volumes and an executive summary.
It can be accessed at the commission's website directly.

14Dec ‘The priesthood dehumanised’: Australian bishop urges end to clericalism

The National Catholic Reporter carried an article about the call by Australian Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen for an end to clericalism in the church.
"... the priesthood 'pedestalized' is the priesthood dehumanized. It is bound to lead us into the illusion of a messiah complex and an inability to claim our wounded humanity and to minister in partnership. What we need to do is to humanize the priesthood so as best to equip ourselves with relational power for authentic Gospel living and service." Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen is quoted as saying.

13Dec Love’s Pure Light

Angela Hanley gives an account of the 19th Annual LGBT Christmas Carol Service that was held in Dublin on Saturday 09 December 2017.
Angela tells of the genuine welcome that was extended to all by the Unitarian Church.; "this welcome is rich, all encompassing and full of the love of God." She finishes her report by saying "others will just have to learn how to provide the same welcome in their own churches."

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