28Feb Should we accept disrespect for the Eucharist on State Television?

Sean McDonagh, on behalf of the ACP, wrote to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and RTE protesting at the disrespectful language used recently about the Eucharist on RTE's Late Late Show.

Updated 2/3/17 with reply from the BAI

24Feb Please, please, can politicians stop shouting and listen?

Tony Flannery gives his thoughts on the election campaign.
"please, whoever is elected, put your personal ambitions to one side, and don't think only of your local area, but rather of the good of the country as a whole, and give us a government that will, in so far as it is possible, govern with wisdom and discernment, and for the good of all the people. And most of all, stop shouting at each other, and try to listen instead!."

30Nov Fr Gerry Reynolds R.I.P.

With the sad news of the death of Gerry Reynolds we carry links to BBC N.I. and UTV. We extend our sympathies to his family and to his Redemptorist colleagues. May he rest in peace.

23Mar Marriage Equality Referendum: ACP Statement

"we appeal for a respectful and civilised debate in which the issues involved can be discussed in a calm and reasonable manner."

22Jul Longevity is no barrier to pop-stars or priests but fatal to Labour politicians. Brendan Hoban

Before the politicians go on their long, well-deserved break for the summer holidays, there was that small matter of a cabinet reshuffle. Out with the old guard and in with the new. Sort of. Though some of the old stagers … Read the rest

12Jun Will the U.S. bishops follow Pope Francis?

Jesuit priest, Thomas Reese, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, comments on the meeting of U.S. bishops. The meeting could be a turning point but he asks, will they sail with the Francis wind or will they buck the waves of change?

06May Why the Pope shouldn’t come to Ireland now.

Brendan Hoban, in his Western People column, argues that The very last thing the Irish Church needs at present is a visit from the pope.

16Nov Will anyone hang their Armani suit on the back of the Mountjoy cell door?

Brendan Hoban reviews the fate of white collar criminals in Ireland and concludes that those whose irresponsibility and greed during the Celtic Tiger has placed an albatross around the necks of Irish people will be drinking champagne rather than languising in Mountjoy(first published in the Western People on 10 November).

01Oct Do church and state really conspire against women?

Pádraig McCarthy refers to the Irish Times of 1 October. Jacky
Jones wrote that "Religion and State conspire to keep women living in
fear". The article is now on line: Jacky
Jones Irish Times

19Aug Funeral eulogies – a secular view

Noel Whelan believes rules published by church authorities alienate those we should be trying to attract. (First published in the Irish Times of  17 August 2013 under the heading Hostility to funeral eulogies reflects an unchristian disregard for need to grieve: read original article and comments here.)