19Sep Presider’s Page for 19 September (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

We gather to remember the passion and death of Jesus, and to celebrate his resurrection with joy. He calls us to move beyond rivalry and conflict, to be true followers of the Christian way.

29Aug Presider’s Page for 29 August (22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

As we move from summer towards autumn, we praise God who sustains us all year round. We ask for help with new undertakings and perseverance with continuing projects, knowing that nothing will work well without God’s grace.

04Jul Presider’s Page for 4 July (14th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

God calls us together for praise and worship today. As weak and sinful people, we gather to ask the Lord’s mercy. We know that divine grace is sufficient for us. Together, we praise and thank our God for the constant care we receive. 

27Jun Presider’s Page for 27 June (13th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

As summer takes hold of us, we give thanks to God for all the gifts we enjoy. We rejoice in God’s saving power: death itself is in his hand and all the living depend on God alone.

20Jun Presider’s Page for 20 June (12th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

We have nothing to be afraid of, no matter what storm threatens to overwhelm us, God is with us. We need to trust in Christ's calming presence — and not to be afraid to ask for help.
• And on this Father’s Day, we honour the presence and memory of our fathers — and those who have played a father’s role……]

13Jun Presider’s Page for 13 June (11th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Throughout these summer months, trees, plants and grasses grow and flourish. Our faith is also to grow and flourish during these Sundays of Ordinary Time. The green vestments worn by the celebrant signify continuing growth in faith.

23May Presider’s Page for 23 May (Pentecost Sunday)

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the second climax of the Easter season. We celebrate ‘the great beginning of the Church’, the day the Holy Spirit first came to confused and frightened disciples.

02May Presider’s Page for 2 May (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Like branches of one tree, we are held together by our faith in Christ. Because we are all part of this one living plant, we come together in thanksgiving and praise.

18Apr Presider’s Page for 18 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

During the Easter season the Church continues to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, even in these pandemic days. Today, we join together to worship God, who has brought about the great victory over sin and death in which we hope.

11Apr Presider’s Page for 11 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

Opening Comment

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, today’s liturgy is still filled with the joyful effects of Jesus’ resurrection. We continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sunday on 23 May, … Read the rest