08Dec Presider’s Page for 8 December (Second Sunday of Advent)

John the Baptist is the focus of the Gospel reading on the Second Sunday of Advent each year. His words challenge and inspire. We worship God who uses many messengers to call us from darkness to light.

01Dec Presider’s Page for 1 December (First Sunday of Advent)

The season of Advent begins today. During the next 24 days we will look forward in hope. We will watch for the end times, when Christ will come in glory, Christ whose birthday we will celebrate very soon.

24Nov Presider’s Page for 24 November (Christ the King)

We celebrate the feast of Christ the King this Sunday, remembering that our king’s life ended on a cross. Today we worship this wounded and resurrected God, who promises us a place in Paradise.

17Nov Presider’s Page for 17 November (Ordinary Time 33)

The readings this Sunday focus on the end of the world, though we are also reassured that people of faith have nothing to fear.
Today is World Day of the Poor, an annual day of significance established by Pope Francis in 2016.

10Nov Presider’s Page for 10 November (Ordinary Time 32)

At this time of remembrance, our dead are often in our minds. Today’s readings challenge us to believe in eternal life after death. We worship God who sustains us in this life and promises us a share in the resurrection.

• Today is Prisoners' Sunday

03Nov Presider’s Page for 3 November (Ordinary Time 31)

Zacchaeus is the star of today’s Gospel, the man who has been called ‘everybody’s favourite underdog’. Zacchaeus took Jesus at his word and changed his life. We worship God, whose mercy for all people never fails, a mercy on which we rely as we remember our dead....

02Nov Presider’s Page for Saturday 2 November (All Souls)

On All Saints Day and today, we remember all the dead, those in heaven and those still be on the way there: God alone knows where each soul is. Today we pray for all souls, for the faithful departed still on the journey to their heavenly home.

01Nov Presider’s Page for Friday 1 November (All Saints)

Today and tomorrow we remember all the dead, those in heaven and those still be on the way there: God alone knows where each soul is. Today’s feast celebrates the saints in heaven, the holy men and women of every time and place: we hope some of our people are among them.

27Oct Presider’s Page for 27 October (Ordinary Time 30)

The Gospel story of the Pharisee and the tax collector is read today. It reminds us of the value of being humble before God. In today’s gathering, we praise God who is always merciful to us. Penitential Rite: To begin, we recall our sins in the context of divine mercy: (pause) I confess…

20Oct Presider’s Page for 20 October (Mission Sunday)

Today is World Mission Sunday, which this year has the theme: "TOGETHER WE ARE MISSION, changing the lives of others!" The readings point to the value of persistent prayer, which can be a real support to missionaries in their work. If you want results, pray without ceasing, says Jesus. God will listen and help.

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