02Feb Presider’s Page for 2 February (The Presentation of the Lord – Candlemas)

It’s forty days since we celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Today we remember his Presentation in the Temple. This feast is also called Candlemas; candles are blessed because today Jesus was revealed in the Temple as the light of all peoples.

26Jan Presider’s Page for 26 January (Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light: Jesus, the light of the world, walks among us, preaching a message of repentance. We gather to listen to him, to share the bread of life and to prepare to go out and build up his kingdom.

19Jan Presider’s Page for 19 January (Second Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The Christmas Season ended last Sunday, and we have entered Ordinary Time, moving slowly from winter towards spring. The season of Lent begins on the 26th February: between now and then, we learn a little more each Sunday about the life and teachings of Jesus, as St Matthew recorded them.

12Jan Presider’s Page for 12 January (Baptism of the Lord)

This feast of the Baptism of the Lord marks the last day of Christmas. At his baptism Jesus sees how much he is loved by God and is given the power to go out and spread the news. We share that power through our baptism.

06Jan Presider’s Page for Monday 6 January (Epiphany of the Lord)

On this feast of the Epiphany we celebrate the revelation of who Christ is. The visit of the wise men reminds us that Jesus came as the Saviour of all nations, including ours. We worship God who wants all people to be saved.

05Jan Presider’s Page for 5 January (Second Sunday of Christmas)

We gather to celebrate the first Sunday of 2020, with thankfulness for the year just gone. We ask God for continuing care and protection as face this New Year, not knowing what it will bring.

01Jan Presider’s Page for New Years Day 2020 (Mary, Mother of God)

Happy New Year! On this first day of the Year of Our Lord 2020, we acclaim Mary as Mother of God and ask her to mind us and those we love during this new year. Today is also World Peace Day, a day during which we pray for peace.

29Dec Presider’s Page for Sunday 29 December (Holy Family)

The Holy Family is the focus on the first Sunday after Christmas, so we honour Jesus, Mary and Joseph today. We worship God who shared the life of the human family, and thank God for all the gifts we continue to receive in each other.

25Dec Presider’s Page for 25 December (Christmas Day Mass)

We celebrate today an amazing mystery — God is born in time. The eternal God shares our nature, he has pitched his tent in the midst of humanity. With joy in our hearts, we contemplate the mystery of the Word made flesh.

24Dec Presider’s Page for 24 December (Christmas Night Mass)

In the dark of this winter night, we proclaim the new light that has shone on the world: Jesus Christ is born! With the angels, we worship God who saves us — for through the life, death and resurrection of this child Jesus, salvation is ours.

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