31Dec Test

31 Dec

16Dec 31 December, 2019. Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

St Sylvester I, pope (Opt. Mem.)

1st Reading: 1 John 2:18-21

A community in crisis, yet still trusting in the Holy Spirit

Children, it is the last hour! As you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists …

31Aug 31 August, 2019. Saturday of Week 21

Jesus reveals a God of infinite generosity, whose goodness has no limits, who remains faithful even when we are not faithful. God does not want us to fail, but rather that we launch into the deep...

30Aug 30 August, 2019. Friday of Week 21

Can we be assured of salvation? Only five bridesmaids were there to welcome the bridal party. Tthe others were told, "I do not know you." The interpretation of this parable developed with time...

29Aug 29 August, 2019. The Passion of John the Baptist

From his late teenage years he was Spirit-guided to lead an austere and contemplative life in the desert until he was thirty years of age, when he emerged as a preacher of reform and renewal...

28Aug 28 August, 2019. Wednesday of Week 21

Paul knows the value of his unpaid work. He is convinced that the Gospel message was more than just one man's opinion, for it is "the word of God, at work within you who believe."

27Aug 27 August, 2019. Tuesday of Week 21

We need to keep returning to the essentials, to the heart of the Gospel, in order to know and do what God really wants of us. It would be hard to find a better statement of the basics than the three values stated by the prophet Micah and endorsed by Jesus...

26Aug 26 August, 2019. Monday of Week 21

God cares less about our rituals than about whether we are truly alive. If our religion makes us more fully alive, more courageous, more caring for others, more generous, then we are pleasing to God...

25Aug Presider’s Page for 25 August (Ordinary Time 21)

Our God is a gracious God, who throws open the doors to the Kingdom to all of humanity. We gather to worship this compassionate king

25Aug 25 August, 2019. 21st Sunday (C)

Today's Scriptures speak of an orderly, self-disciplined life, a topic often ignored in a permissive society. We could reflect on this theme as part of the overall scheme of divine justice in history...

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