31May Presider’s Page for 31 May (Pentecost Sunday)

Today we celebrate the day when the Holy Spirit first came to confused and frightened disciples. We share their fear, and ask for a new outpouring to give us courage and the grace to endure.

24May Presider’s Page for 24 May (Ascension of the Lord)

We celebrate the Ascension of Jesus today. We remember his sending out of the disciples, and his promise to remain with us always, reassuring words for this dark time.

17May Presider’s Page for 17 May (Sixth Sunday of Easter)

Each Sunday in Easter time, we celebrate the gifts we receive in Baptism and Confirmation. We rejoice that the Spirit is our Advocate, who continues to support us in the difficulties of life, and particularly in this pandemic.

10May Presider’s Page for 10 May (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Today’s liturgy puts the life-giving words of Jesus before us. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the one in whom we can place all our trust, especially in dark times like these. Because we believe these things, we gather to praise God.

03May Presider’s Page for 3 May (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

The fourth Sunday of Easter is often called Good Shepherd Sunday, because the readings are about the care we receive from Christ, our true shepherd. We rejoice that this pastoral care continues in the loviong tenderness extended by many Christian women and men today. Today is also the day of prayer for vocations.

26Apr Presider’s Page for 26 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

During the Easter season the Church continues to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, even in these dark pandemic days. Today, we join together to worship God, who has brought about the great victory over sin and death in which we hope.

19Apr Presider’s Page for 19 April (Easter 2 – Divine Mercy Sunday)

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, today’s liturgy is still filled with Jesus’ resurrection. We continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sundayon the last day of May, the fiftieth and final day of Easter.

11Apr Presider’s Page for 12 April 2020 (Easter Sunday in Pandemic)

This Easter morning we gather for a most unusual Easter celebration. Pandemic threatens to overwhelm, yet the Church insistently proclaims: Christ is risen! We still celebrate the central mystery of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He suffered on the cross and died for us, but now he has conquered death and fear! Filled with the spirit of Easter joy, let us proclaim the might and glory of God at this celebration!

09Apr Presider’s Page for Thursday 9 April (Holy Thursday)

The liturgy that begins this Tursday evening continues until we reach Easter. We are at the start of a three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. We journey from the Last Supper to Gethsemane tonight, from there to Calvary tomorrow, and from the tomb to resurrection and new life at the Vigil of Easter Sunday.

05Apr Presider’s Page for 5 April (Palm Sunday)

Today’s liturgy gives us a preview of the events of Holy Week. The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are the focus of this and every Sunday celebration.

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