22Sep Presider’s Page for 22 September (Ordinary Time 25)

We gather to worship the Lord of glory, asking for help to be God’s servants before all else.

15Sep Presider’s Page for 15 September (Ordinary Time 24)

Our God seeks out sinners to forgive them. At this Sunday's gathering, we worship our loving and compassionate God.

08Sep Presider’s Page for 8 September (Ordinary Time 23)

We gather to listen to God’s challenging words and to ask the grace of repentance from God who loves us first.

01Sep Presider’s Page for 1 September (Ordinary Time 22)

Who gets the places of honour in God’s house, the pushy or the humble? The Word of God in this Sunday's Mass teaches us that the humble are the ones who find favour with God.

25Aug Presider’s Page for 25 August (Ordinary Time 21)

Our God is a gracious God, who throws open the doors to the Kingdom to all of humanity. We gather to worship this compassionate king

18Aug Presider’s Page for 18 August (Ordinary Time 20)

Following Jesus may not bring us happiness in this life, but we are challenged to follow him nevertheless. We come together to worship our gracious God and to ask for help in our Christian life this week.

15Aug Presider’s Page for 15 August (Assumption of the BVM)

We worship God who brought Mary to the glory of heaven this day. We celebrate her Assumption, the tangible reminder that the resurrection of Jesus brings victory over death for all who believe.

11Aug Presider’s Page for 11 August (Ordinary Time 19)

We are challenged by today’s Gospel to stand ready for our Master’s return in glory. We gather to worship God who sustains us all the days of our life, and beyond.

28Jul Presider’s Page for 28 July (Ordinary Time 17)

We can ask God for help whenever we need to, today or any day. We gather this Sunday to worship God who is always concerned for us.

21Jul Presider’s Page for 21 July (Ordinary Time 16)

As we gather for Mass today, we are challenged to be hospitable, welcoming people. We worship the God who always has a welcome for us.

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