17Jun Presider’s Page for 17 June (Ordinary Time 11—B)

Throughout these summer months, trees, plants and grasses grow and flourish.Our faith is also to grow and flourish during these Sundays of Ordinary Time. The green vestments worn signify continuing growth in faith.
• Today is celebrated as Father’s Day, so in the Mass we remember and pray for the fathers of our community.

10Jun Presider’s Page for 10 June (Ordinary Time 10—B)

Now that Easter and all the feasts that follow it have been celebrated, the journey through the Sundays of the year starts again. From now until next Advent, we will listen to St Mark’s Gospel most Sundays, and discover Jesus through the eyes of Mark, whose account was the first to be written.

03Jun Presider’s Page for 3 June (Corpus Christi)

Today we honour the Body and Blood of Christ, the food that sustains us on our pilgrimage through life.

27May Presider’s Page for 27 May (Trinity Sunday)

We celebrate Trinity Sunday today. The feast gives us an opportunity to reflect on the mystery of God, who creates, redeems and makes us holy.

20May Presider’s Page for 20 May (Pentecost Sunday)

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the second climax of the Easter season. We celebrate ‘the great beginning of the Church’, the day the Holy Spirit first came to confused and frightened disciples.

13May Presider’s Page for 13 May (Ascension of the Lord)

The Ascension of the Lord is celebrated today. The Church also calls this Sunday ‘World Communications Day’. As he left his disciples, Jesus sent them out to spread the Good News. This is our task too. We ask for the grace we need.

06May Presider’s Page for 6 May (Easter VI)

We gather for this Easter celebration in the love of God, redeemed in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We are people with a mission, challenged to grow in love each day. We ask God for divine help with this mission, today and during the coming week.

05May Shortcuts to Liturgy Resources provided

Those seeking Bidding Prayers or Homily resources for weekend masses should look under the LITURGY tab (top of page), or in the LITURGY section in the  sidebar to the right of this page….…

29Apr Presider’s Page for 29 April (Easter 5)

Like branches of one tree, we are held together by our faith in Christ. Because we are all part of this one living plant, we come together in thanksgiving and praise.

22Apr Presider’s Page for 22 April (Easter 4)

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is often called Good Shepherd Sunday, because the readings are about the care we receive from Christ, our true shepherd, a care Christians are invited to copy. Today is also the day of prayer for vocations.

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