13Jan Presider’s Page for 13 January (Baptism of the Lord)

Today we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord: it’s the last day of the Christmas season. The baptism of Jesus marked the end of his quiet years in Nazareth and the start of his public ministry.

06Jan Presider’s Page for 6 January 2019 (Epiphany)

On this feast of the Epiphany, Roman Catholics celebrate the revelation of who Christ is. The visit of the three wise men reminds us that Jesus came as the Saviour of all nations, including ours. We worship God who wants all people to be saved.

01Jan Presider’s Page for 1 January 2019 (Mary, Mother of God)

Happy New Year! On this first day of the Year of Our Lord 2019, we acclaim Mary as Mother of God and ask her to mind us and those we love during this new year. Today is also World Peace Day, a day during which we pray for peace.

30Dec Presider’s Page for 30 December (Holy Family)

Today, the Sunday after Christmas, is part of the continuing celebration of the Lord's Nativity. In today’s Mass, we honour the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. As we say goodbye to 2018, we entrust our families to their patronage, and pray for God’s help in 2019, soon to dawn upon us.

25Dec Presider’s Page for 25 December (Christmas Day Mass)

We celebrate today an amazing mystery — God is born in time. The eternal God has taken human flesh, has pitched his tent in the midst of humanity. With joy in our hearts, we contemplate the mystery of the Word made flesh.

23Dec Presider’s Page for 24 December (Christmas Night Mass)

In the dark of this winter night, we proclaim the new light that has shone on the world: Jesus Christ is born! With the angels, we worship God who saves us — for through the life, death and resurrection of this child Jesus, salvation is ours.

23Dec Presider’s Page for 23 December (Advent 4)

Advent is drawing to a close; we have just another day left to prepare for the birth of Christ. On this Sunday, we rejoice that the promise made to Mary by the Lord is to be fulfilled.

16Dec Presider’s Page for 16 December (Advent 3)

We’re well over halfway through Advent. Traditionally, today is called Gaudete Sunday, which means ‘a day for rejoicing.’ The reason for celebration is that the day of the Lord’s coming is nearer.

09Dec Presider’s Page for 9 December (Advent 2)

John the Baptist is the focus of the liturgy on the Second Sunday of Advent each year. His challenge to us to ‘prepare a way for the Lord’ is at the heart of the Advent message. We worship the one who will surely come to us.

08Dec Presider’s Page for Saturday 8 December (Immaculate Conception of Mary)

Our preparations for Christmas always include Mary, the Mother of God. Today’s feast celebrates her conception free from sin, a miracle that displays God’s power for believers. We worship God, for whom everything is posssible.

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