17May Presider’s Page for 19 May (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

We gather to praise God who raised his son Jesus from the dead. We celebrate this victory over sin and death, and pray for enthusiasm as we try to pass on the Good News.

12May Presider’s Page for 12 May (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

On the fourth Sunday of Easter each year, we honour the Risen Lord as our Good Shepherd. Today is the day of prayer for vocations to priesthood and religious life: we pray that God will give the Church men and women formed in the image of the Good Shepherd, who will be the priests and religious of the future.

05May Presider’s Page for 5 May (Third Sunday of Easter)

We’re two weeks into the Easter season now, but the Good News of the season continues to reverberate in the Liturgy. Joyfully we worship God who raised our Saviour from the dead.

28Apr Presider’s Page for 28 April (Second Sunday of Easter)

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, today’s liturgy still overflows with the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. We continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sunday on the 20th of May, the fiftieth and final day of Easter.

21Apr Presider’s Page for 21 April (Easter Sunday)

This Easter morning we celebrate the central mystery of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He suffered on the cross and died for us, but now he is risen! Filled with the spirit of Easter joy, we proclaim the might and glory of God.

20Apr Presider’s Page for 20 April (The Easter Vigil)

We gather around the Easter candle, celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. With that light to illumine our way, we remember how God has cared for humanity from the dawn of time. The readings from both testaments remind us what happened at the highpoints of our history.

18Apr Presider’s Page for 18 April (Holy Thursday)

The liturgy that begins this Thursday evening continues until we reach Easter. We are at the start of a three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. We journey from the Last Supper to Gethsemane tonight, from there to Calvary tomorrow, and from the tomb to resurrection and new life at the Vigil of Easter Sunday.

14Apr Presider’s Page for 14 April (Palm Sunday)

Today’s liturgy gives a preview of the events we will celebrate between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. These events are also the focus of this and every Sunday celebration. We ask for God’s help in understanding their significance.

07Apr Presider’s Page for 7 April (Fifth Sunday of Lent)

This fifth Sunday of Lent, we gather to worship our compassionate God, who heals our sinfulness and challenges us to leave our sinfulness behind.

31Mar Presider’s Page for 31 March (Lent 4 – Laetare)

We have reached the midway point of the season of Lent. The joy of Easter is within our reach and the parent of the prodigal son encourages us to rely on divine mercy.

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