24Dec Presider’s Page for Christmas Eve (Night Mass)

In the dark of this winter night, threatened by COVID and other dangers, we steadfastly proclaim the new light that has shone on the world: Jesus Christ is born! With the angels, we worship God who saves us — for through the life, death and resurrection of this child Jesus, salvation is ours.

19Dec Presider’s Page for 19 December (Fourth Sunday of Advent)

In less than a week's time, this year's Advent will draw to a close; we have just a few days left to prepare our souls for the birth of Christ. On this Sunday, we rejoice that the promise made to Mary by the Lord has been fulfilled.

12Dec Presider’s Page for 12 December (Third Sunday of Advent)

We’re just halfway through Advent. Traditionally, today is called Gaudete Sunday, which means ‘a day for rejoicing.’ The reason for celebration is that the day of the Lord’s coming is nearer.

08Dec Presider’s Page for Wednesday 8 December (Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of God)

Our preparations for Christmas always include Mary, the Mother of God. Today’s feast celebrates her conception free from sin, a miracle that displays God’s power for believers. We worship God, for whom everything is posssible.

05Dec Presider’s Page for 5 December (Second Sunday of Advent)

John the Baptist is the focus of the liturgy on the Second Sunday of Advent each year. His challenge to us to ‘prepare a way for the Lord’ is at the heart of the Advent message. We worship the one who will surely come to us.

28Nov Presider’s Page for 28 November (First Sunday of Advent, Year C)

Advent begins today. During these days, we look forward, waiting in hope. We watch for the end times, when Christ will come in glory, Christ who was born for us just over 2,000 years ago.

21Nov Presider’s Page for 21 November (Christ the King)

We celebrate the feast of Christ the King today, acclaiming Jesus as the Anointed One, who died for us and rose triumphant. We offer praise and worship — and ask for the grace to live as worthy citizens of his kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace.

14Nov Presider’s Page for 14 November (33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

As we move into the darker times of the year, the readings at Mass remind us more and more of the end of time, and the glory awaiting believers. We trust that God stays with us always.
• Today is World Day of the Poor, with the theme 'The poor you will always have with you' (Mark 14:7)

07Nov Presider’s Page for 7 November (32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Gathering together in the Lord’s house, we bring simple gifts into God’s presence - our love, our care for each other, our worshipping hearts and voices. We ask for the grace to continue to show love through the coming week.
• Today is Prisoners' Sunday in Ireland.

02Nov Presider’s Page for Tuesday 2 November (All Souls Day)

On All Saints Day and today, we remember all the dead, those in heaven and those still be on the way there: God alone knows where each soul is. Today we pray for all souls, for the faithful departed still on the journey to their heavenly home.