24Mar Presider’s Page for 24 March (Third Sunday of Lent)

Today, as we gather to listen to the Lenten call to repentance, we worship our God of kindness who, like a patient gardener, always gives people a second chance.

17Mar Presider’s Page for Sunday 17 March (Lá Fhéile Pádraig)

As the second week of Lent begins in other countries, we pause from our lenten penances to honour Patrick, the apostle of the Irish. In our celebration of this solemn feast, we worship God, creator, redeemer and sanctifier, who brought our ancestors into the Christian fold through the preaching of St Patrick.

10Mar Presider’s Page for 10 March (Lent 1)

The 40-day pilgrimage to Easter that began on Ash Wednesday is just a few days old. We pray that God, who sustained Jesus in his 40 days of temptations and suffering, will support us on our journey also.

03Mar Presider’s Page for 3 March (Ordinary Time 8)

Words matter. What we say has an effect on others, for good or ill. God’s word to us is spoken in Jesus, the Word made flesh, in whose name we gather this and every Sunday.

24Feb Presider’s Page for 24 February (Ordinary Time 7)

Loving the enemy and praying for those who make life difficult are two marks of a Christian, or so Jesus teaches us today. We gather, aware of how difficult love can be, yet united by the saving mercy of God, on which we rely.

17Feb Presider’s Page for 17 February (Ordinary Time 6)

Happy are they who their trust in the Lord: worry will not come their way, their lives will bear fruit. The prophet Jeremiah’s words are reflected in the Psalm, as we are invited to trust in the One who never disappoints.

10Feb Presider’s Page for 10 February (Ordinary Time 5)

Everyone who believes God’s word is called to pass on the Good News. Like many who have gone before us, including the prophet Isaiah and the apostles Peter and Paul, we may not feel up to the task. But God helps us every day.

03Feb Presider’s Page for 3 February (Ordinary Time 4)

We gather as people loved by God, people called to pass on the love we have received. The love God has put into the world will never fail, but will last as long as humanity lasts. We praise God for the gifts lavished on us.

27Jan Presider’s Page for 27 January (Ordinary Time 3)

The Word of God is the focus this Sunday, read by Ezra the priest in the Old Testament reading, and by Jesus in the Gospel. By his Word, God reassures the people of his closeness, especially in the Word made flesh, Jesus of Nazereth.

20Jan Presider’s Page for 20 January (Ordinary Time 2)

There are echoes of the Christmas season in today’s liturgy, particularly in the Gospel story of the wedding feast of Cana, in which God’s glory becomes visible in Jesus, as it did at his Epiphany and Baptism. (Today is also the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.)

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