03Jun 03 June, 2020. Wednesday of Week 9

03 June, 2020. Wednesday of Week 9

02Jun 02 June, 2020. Tuesday of Week 9

02 June, 2020. Tuesday of Week 9

01Jun 01 June 2020: Monday Week 9

01 June, 2020. Monday of Week 9

St Justin, martyr (Opt. Mem.; The Blessed Virgin, Mary, Mother of the Church (Memorial, see below)

1st Reading: 2 Peter 1:2-7

God has given us all we need to live well, sharing in

31May 31 May, 2020. Pentecost Sunday, Year A

On Pentecost day humanity appears at its best, Spirit-inspired, united and sharing in wisdom...

30May 30 May, 2020. Saturday of Week 7 of Easter

God has something for each of us to do that no one else can do. Like Peter, we need to discern the particular calling the Lord has given to us personally...

29May 29 May, 2020. Friday of Week 7 of Easter

The risen Lord asks all of us the same question he put to Peter, "Do you love me?" It is not an accusation but it calls us back into his friendship if in any way we have let him down.

28May 28 May, 2020. Thursday of Week 7 of Easter

Looking at the barriers often to ecumenical progress, we must hope our leaders realise that unity can only be reached by generous dialogue, not imposed by authority.

27May 27 May, 2020. Wednesday of Week 7 of Easter

Jesus and Paul endorsed the Jewish tradition of intercessory prayer. Praying for others is one a way to express our communion with them in Christ...

26May 26 May, 2020. Tuesday of Week 7 of Easter

Hopefully there will come a day when, like Jesus, we too can turn to God and say, "I have finished the work you gave me to do

25May 25 May, 2020. Monday of Week 7 of Easter

Even when alone, we are always in the presence of God, and living members of that family of love. This awareness can bring us a special kind of peace..

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