08Mar 08 March, 2020. 2nd Sunday of Lent

Hearing God's word and acting on it, made Abraham the great pilgrim of faith. He is the a real patron of meaningful living....

26Jan 26 January, 2020. 3rd Sunday, Year A

He had taken to drink and lost his way, and was now homeless. It was a shock to Leonardo, and a prod to conversion for the man who modeled as Judas...

19Jan 19 January, 2020. 2nd Sunday (Year A)

An honest stock-taking of ourselves may unveil the selfish motives that often direct our actions...

12Jan 12 January, 2020. The Baptism of the Lord

Peter summarised the pattern of Christ's life as, "He went about doing good and healing ...for God was with him."

05Jan 05 January, 2020. Second Sunday of Christmas

Prayer (ICEL 1998)

God most high,
your only Son embraced the weakness of our flesh
to give us the power to become your children;
your eternal Word chose to dwell among us,
that we might live in your presence.
Grant …

29Dec 29 December. The Holy Family (Sunday)

Whenever families are happy, it is where love and respect are highly prized among them. We pray for an outpouring of those qualities in our families today...

25Dec 25 December 2019. Christmas (Midnight & Midday)

In some sense we too can bring Christ to birth, by fully embracing God's will, as we perceive it in our own lives...

22Dec 22 December. 4th Sunday of Advent

In our encounters with people who reflect Christ and his gospel we can find signs of God to confirm our faith...

15Dec 15 December. 3rd Sunday of Advent

John's faith in Jesus was made strong, enabling him to stick to his guns and accept a martyr's death.

08Dec 08 December, 2019. 2nd Sunday of Advent (A)

Of course, Christmas, our preparations for it, have great aspects also. But it's too easy to lose all sense of what we are actually celebrating and recalling.

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