28Feb 28 February. Thursday of Week 7

Some lurid statements must be taken figuratively. Today’s Gospel reflects the primacy of the eternal over the temporal…

1st Reading: Sirach 5:1-8

Rely not on your wealth nor on your strength

Do not rely on your wealth, or say, “I …

27Feb 27 February. Wednesday of Week 7

As a man of wisdom, Jesus reprimands his disciples for their envy and fear. Feeling threatened or slighted, by some villager who went about using the name of Jesus to expel demons, they were indignant and..

1st Reading: Sirach 4:11-19

26Feb 26 February. Tuesday of Week 7

One who is lonely may also have beautiful memories and great potential, waiting for the healing touch of kindness. To welcome Jesus as a child is to open one’s arms to the infinite possibilities that lie before us in life.

25Feb 25 February. Monday of Week 7

Sirach links the fear of the Lord  with wisdom that warms the heart. It is something that God “lavishes on those who love him.”

1st Reading: Sirach/Ecclesiasticus 1:1-10

All wisdom comes from God and returns to him

All wisdom is …

23Feb 23 February. Saturday of Week 6

When we think we fully understand, we need some new questions. God is so great that we are always learners about the mystery of creation…

1st Reading: Hebrews 11:1-7

By faith we understand that the world is ruled by God’s

22Feb 22 February. The Chair of St Peter, apostle

The Chair of St Peter, Apostle

21Feb 21 February. Thursday of Week 6

Thursday of Week 6

20Feb 20 February. Wednesday of Week 6

Wednesday of Week 6

19Feb 19 February. Tuesday of Week 6

Tuesday of Week 6

18Feb 18 February. Monday of Week 6

Monday of Week 6

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