16Feb 16 February. Saturday of Week 5

Saturday of Week 5

15Feb 15 February. Friday of Week 5

Friday of Week 5

14Feb 14 February. Saints Cyril and Methodius

Cyril and Methodius  so influenced the cultural development of all the Slavic peoples that they are honoured as “Apostles to the Slavs.”

1st Reading: Acts 13:46-49

The mission of the apostles, later emulated by Cyril and Methodius to the Slavs

13Feb 13 February. Wednesday of Week 5

Without wisdom, evil can entice us away from the right path. Jesus names some evil tendencies, almost the reverse of the ten commandments: fornication, theft, murder, greed, arrogance, an obtuse spirit. The wisdom we need comes from God’s Holy Spirit.

12Feb 12 February. Tuesday of Week 5

While exalting the status of men and women as the joint pinnacles of creation, Genesis also suggests that the interplay of the sexes in marriage is a significant image of God’s inner being.

1st Reading: Genesis 1:20, 2:4

After forming

11Feb 11 February. Monday of Week 5

Genesis gives a wide-angle view of the universe as the sanctuary or throne for God’s majestic presence. All religious ceremonies, whether in the Jerusalem temple or on our church altars must keep contact with the physical world of earth and

09Feb 09 February. Saturday of Week 4

Saturday of Week 4

08Feb 08 February. Friday of Week 4

Friday of Week 4

07Feb 07 February. Thursday of Week 4

Thursday of Week 4

06Feb 06 February. Wednesday of Week 4

Wednesday of Week 4

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