03Jun Trinity Sunday in Lockdown: A liturgy for use at home.

Tom O Loughlin offers us a liturgy to be celebrated in the home for Trinity Sunday.
"We pray TO the Father, THROUGH the Son IN the Spirit."

03Jun The Graciousness of Life

Seamus Ahearne

"A Parish is a village with all the instincts and supports of a village. Grace abounds."

02Jun U.S. President, Donald Trump, visits the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, Washington

For your information: Statement from Washington Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory regarding the planned visit from the president, Donald Trump, at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine:

02Jun We Are Church Event – Jayne Ozanne

We Are Church - “My Story?” Jayne Ozanne: Followed by Q & A
7.30 - 9.00pm Monday 15 June 2020 Online ZOOM event

30May Pentecost – who did the Spirit descend upon?

Painting of Pentecost by Nora Kelly

29May ‘When the Holy Spirit has come upon you’: A lockdown liturgy for Christian Pentecost in 2020

Thomas O’Loughlin offers a home liturgy for Christian Pentecost in 2020

28May ‘Crazy Dreams‘ for our Future – Pentecost

Seamus Ahearne writes of Pentecost, among other topics that caught his attention. "A new Spring. Speaking all languages – care, love, heart, understanding, acceptance, respect. Get rid of formality and functionality. Drop the apathy, lethargy, torpor.  Our Church should be bursting with life, with fire, with heart, with fun, with laughter, with hope, with excitement, with exuberance, with a sense of adventure."

28May To Keep People safe in Church

Two articles that remind us of the huge responsibility there is on all church members to ensure they are not risking life or health when re-opening after lockdowns.

An Irish Times story about a Dublin church being forced to close after ignoring regulations also covers the comment by Archbishop Martin of Dublin about the need to respect the sacrifices made by so many.
"The current public health policy has required sacrifice on the part of all of us. People have accepted that. I think of those who have had to bury a loved one without the normal process of grieving, with funeral rites limited to a bare minimum. We must show respect for those whose sacrifice has been greatest.
Public health policy will only work when its proposals and sequencing are fully respected by all. There is no room for self-dispensation from or self-interpretation of the norms. Jumping the queue by individuals or communities puts everyone at risk"
In another article

Michael J. O’Loughlin of americamagazine.org interviews a man we have become familiar with on our TV news programmes, Dr. Anthony Fauci.
"“There have been situations in multiple countries where the source of the cluster was a church service,” he said. “That's the reason why we gotta be so careful about that.”
As a result, even if churches are open, the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions should consider staying home, “because they really are at high risk,” he said. “It would be so tragic for someone who just comes to a place of worship, gets sick themselves, or gets infected and brings it home to an elderly person who might have a compromising comorbidity, and the person gets seriously ill and dies.”

27May Writing straight with crooked lines

Chris McDonnell reviews Jim Forest's Writing straight with crooked lines

27May “The Problem with Viri Probati…”,

Thomas O’Loughlin, in a slightly longer version that was published in La Croix, looks at some objections raised to ordaining married men as presbyters.
"It has often been noted that while universities speak of ‘education’ (focusing on developing the individual’s talent), seminaries, along with military academies, speak of ‘formation’: learning to think with the group, act together, and became familiar with the group’s standard procedures and goals."

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