15Aug How do we plan a future? – Cloyne Diocese – The Future

Tim Hazelwood in responding to a letter from his bishop to all priests in the diocese asks "As regards this conversation about “the way forward” I am wondering why this conversation should only take place among priests? Should not any discussions involve all affected parties? Would this not be an ideal time for a diocesan synod, as Pope Francis recommends, where all Bishop, priests, laity work together to plan a way forward?

07Aug Presider’s Pages for Summer 2019 published

To facilitate those taking holidays, the presider's pages for the rest of the summer season have now been published.

05Aug The Problems with Celibacy

Fr Peter Daly wrote recently in the National Catholic Reporter about problems he sees that arise as a result of the church's position on mandatory celibacy for priests of the Latin Rite.

"Celibacy is not essential to Catholic priesthood. It is only mandated in two of the 24 "autonomous churches" in communion with Rome; the Latin Rite and the Ethiopian Rite..... At least seven popes were married.....There was even a father and son pope combination, Pope Hormisdas (514-523) who was father to Pope Silverius, (536-537).....Today we have many married priests in the Roman (Latin) Rite who have come to us from the Anglican or Lutheran traditions. ..... If they can be married, why not others?
The practice and teaching of the church on priestly celibacy has been inconsistent and incoherent. But, most important of all, Jesus did not mandate celibacy." 

02Aug All is Vanity

The Sunday reading from Ecclesiastes inspires Seamus Ahearne to reflect on current issues.

21Jul Why not believe in miracles?

Seamus Ahearne advises "Pause, contemplate, give thanks and enter into real Communion. Allow the unexpected to happen."

19Jul In the Shadow of Prophecy

Chris McDonnell in a recent article in the Catholic Times comments on the role of the prophet in our church.
"Prophets exist in our time, they tell the story of what is and of what it might become. They do so fully aware of the consequences of speaking out, knowing that they will be ostracized and derided. For love for the Church, their home, they suffer the loneliness of rejection."

14Jul Artifacts show that early church women served as clergy

Sarah Mac Donald writes in the National Catholic Reporter about how research of Artifacts show that early church women served as clergy.
"New research recently unveiled in Rome suggests women had a greater role in the early church's ministries and liturgies than previously thought and were present at church altars as deacons, priests and even bishops.
Ally Kateusz, research associate at the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research, presented her findings July 2 to the International Society of Biblical Literature, drawing on iconography from ancient Christian art."

14Jul All The World A Thin Place: An Urgent Call for Eco-Theology

Eco-theology is very much in the news - with some treating it with the utmost suspicion. However it is an area where great exploration is taking place. "All The World A Thin Place: An Urgent Call for Eco-Theology" is an essay carried by Progressing Spirit.that gives a taste of some recent thinking in this area.

10Jul ‘Change’ Comes Dropping Slow

America magazine reports on the appointment by Pope Francis of seven women to be full members of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

09Jul Behind the Taoiseach’s Comments

Brendan Hoban, writing in The Western People, expresses disappointment with An Taoiseach for his comments in the Dáil.
"While many people admire Leo Varadkar for his ability and, not least for the new Ireland that’s being created under his watch, as I do, it was disappointing that in the Dáil chamber he descended to the mocking and stereo-typing of Catholic priests..."

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