17Jun One blogger’s view of Garda Vetting: “It is a truly absurd system. If ever there were a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted this is it.”

Garda Vetting is not fit for purpose according to Michael Commane in his blog Occasional Scribbles.

“…I actually find it a demeaning procedure. Every time I fill out those forms some sort of worrying feeling comes over me. And then … Read the rest

17Jun The Catholic Universe (and Catholic Times) has closed. This is Chris McDonnell’s final article

The Catholic Universe (and Catholic Times) announced its immediate closure last week. The Universe has served the Catholic community devotedly since 1860. It also means the end of Catholic Times columnist Chris McDonnell’s weekly contribution which was also carried on … Read the rest

16Jun St Patrick’s College, Maynooth: Invitation to take part in a Covid-19 study

We are academics working in the Centre for Mission and Ministries at the Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. We are conducting a pilot study to explore the experience of Catholic funerals during the Covid-19 pandemic on this island, from … Read the rest

15Jun Brendan Hoban on Boris and the idiosyncrasies of Canon Law

Is sauce for the goose not sauce for the gander?

Western People 8th June 2021

In an age of very specific expertise, we tend to consult the recognised authorities and, because the rest of us progressively regard ourselves as … Read the rest

15Jun Séamus Ahearne: Larking about on the river and streams of consiousness…

“For singing till his heaven fills,’T is love of earth that he instils.”                                                                                   (George Meredith.)

Where have all the swans gone…

My life is disrupted. The morning begins talking to me c4.30 a.m. these days. I am being coaxed out … Read the rest

13Jun La Croix International – Seven Day Free Trail

Every day, La Croix International brings you in-depth analysis and exceptional articles, unravelling the issues and policies that are alive in the Vatican and the Catholic Church.
Seven Days Free Trial
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11Jun In solidarity with LGBTQ+ to honour June as Pride Month our Homepage banner features the Rainbow colours. 

In solidarity with LGBTQ+ to honour June as Pride Month our Homepage banner features the Rainbow colours.

11Jun Pope Francis appoints Father Ger Nash as the new Bishop of Ferns

His Holiness Pope Francis has appointed Father Ger Nash, a priest of the Diocese of Killaloe, as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Ferns.  The news of this Episcopal appointment will be made public this morning at 11.00am Irish … Read the rest

10Jun Pope Francis rejects Cardinal Marx’ resignation: ‘Continue as Archbishop of Munich’

Pope Francis rejects the resignation of Cardinal Reinhard Marx as Archbishop of Munich. “Thank you for your Christian courage, which does not fear to be humbled before the reality of sin,” the Pope writes to the Cardinal. “Taking up the
Read the rest

10Jun The Meeting Place – Chris McDonnell, Catholic Times

The Meeting Place

Chris McDonnell CT June 11 2021.

There are many gathering places that offer natural opportunities for meeting one another, opportunities for the social contact that has been absent in recent weeks and months. Maybe it is worth … Read the rest

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