14Aug All Together Now; reflection from Seamus Ahearne

All Together Now.

Relics of old decency:

It was my father’s, sister’s and mother’s 20th anniversary. We drove down south. We went back to the clay of the past. We visited Portlaw.

10Aug Do you remember the ‘Year of the Three Popes’?

Chris McDonnell reflects on the events of The Year of the Three Popes — 40 years ago

08Aug Gay priests are “caught in a trap of dishonesty”

James Allison, a leading theologian who is himself gay, writes about homosexuality among the Catholic clergy (First published in The Tablet on 4 August, 2018 - the first of a two-part series). Shared by an ACP member.

05Aug The ACP & the Pope: Survey to close on 9 August

The ACP is conducting a survey ahead of the Pope’s visit. People are invited to submit their views on what the Pope should hear about the Irish Church. What do you think are the most important issues? All responses will …

04Aug Summer presiders pages published

To facilitate people going on holidays, the entire set of August Presiders Page has now been published, up to and including 2nd September. These pages can be used by priests at Sunday Mass, or may be printed out as a …

02Aug Open Letter to Theodore McCarrick

Don’t know where to send this. But here it is…

Dear Father in God and brother priest,


I stood holding the processional cross, right next to you, when you pressed the crucifix to your lips at the door

29Jul Invitation to supplement our homily notes

In principle, we try to upload on the website at the start of each month that month’s full quota of Mass Readings and Homily Ideas. For example, on Aug.1st, something for each day of next month will be posted. If …

28Jul Non-Catholics at the table: now or never?

Non-Catholics at the table: now or never? Thomas O’Loughlin
This is an expanded version of an article that appeared in The Tablet on 21July 2018 under the title: Eucharistic Hospitality: Don’ t deny the promise of future glory.

26Jul A true shepherd, Fr Pat Burke

In memory of a true shepherd ... homily given by Fr. Tod Nolan, Newport, at the month's mind for Fr Pat Burke (Westport, 25th July, 2018)

26Jul What would You like to say to Pope Francis about the Church – submit your views

Four public meetings, organised by the ACP, been held countrywide to give people the opportunity to articulate what they would like to say to Pope Francis about the church, and particularly about the church in Ireland.
The ACP realise that many people were unable to attend these meetings and have expressed a wish to have their views taken into account.
We invite people who wish to express their opinions to do so by emailing

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