14Oct Homily of Pope Francis at Mass of Canonisations, 14 October 2018

Homily of Pope Francis, St Peter's Square, Sunday, 14 October 2018.
"Let us ask for the grace always to leave things behind for love of the Lord: to leave behind wealth, leave behind the yearning for status and power, leave behind structures that are no longer adequate for proclaiming the Gospel, those weights that slow down our mission, the strings that tie us to the world."

13Oct The Retirement of Priests

A presentation on the topic of the retirement of priests was given by Mattie Long at the recent AGM of the Association of Catholic Priests.

13Oct Working alongside migrant laborers prepares seminarians for priesthood

An interesting article in America Magazine.
We may not have too many students for the priesthood but what would be an equivalent experience in Ireland?

12Oct The New View of Creation in Laudato si

John Feehan spoke at our AGM about "The New View of Creation in Laudato si"
"I am not sure how many of us appreciate how radical it is: how radical for our thinking, for our behaviour; how radical for our understanding of the meaning of creation and of our role in the making of the world.
Twice in Laudato si’ Pope Francis refers to the created world as the ‘other’ book of revelation. Creation itself, the ‘other book’, the ‘magnificent book in which God speaks to us and grants us a glimpse of his infinite beauty and goodness; ... God has written a precious book, ‘whose letters are the multitude of created things present in the universe."

11Oct Audio Recording of Annual General Meeting 2018

Éist Online Store

An audio recording of the presentations made at the AGM on 10 October 2018 is now available from Eist.
It is available on a 2 CD set or by email.
The total cost for either is €15 .

To Order, …

11Oct Larry Forristal R.I.P.

Seamus Ahearne recalls some memories of the late Larry Forristal, retired bishop of Ossory.

11Oct European Christian Environmental Network calling for ‘A future with hope’.

Sean McDonagh draws our attention to a statement from the European Christian Environmental Network calling for 'A future with hope'.

10Oct Give me a Drink

An old work song sets Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, reflecting on the beauty and awesome power of water. His musings lead him to think "It is a time of aridity in the Church, so much has happened that has left us parched and thirsty, casting about, looking for a drink to satisfy our thirst."

08Oct The Vatican’s Tahrir Square?

Paddy Ferry alerts us to the fact that the funeral Mass of Fr. Kevin Kelly, the English theologian, is taking place in Formby tomorrow, Oct. 9th, at noon. He died on Sept. 25th aged 81.

Paddy says 'During the controversy leading up to the imposition of the then new liturgy, he wrote to the English bishops expressing his disquiet. I now share the piece once again below, "The Vatican's Tahrir Square?". I am now not quite sure where I first came across this --perhaps even on this site. But, when I did, I immediately shared it with Cardinal O'Brien whom I had been pestering about the awfulness of the new liturgy. He immediately sent it to all the Scottish bishops but all to no avail.'

08Oct Clontarf Ecumenical Conference – Ecumenism: Reimagining the Future of the Irish Church.

Clontarf Ecumenical Conference

Ecumenism: Reimagining the Future of the Irish Church.

Date:                         Saturday 13th October 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Venue:       Church of St. John the Baptist, Seafield Road West, Clontarf, Dublin 3

10.00 a.m.                                    Registration, Tea/Coffee (in the

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