01Jul Fr. Pat Rogers

Fr. Pat Rogers remains in hospital but is much improved and we hope and pray now on the road to a full recovery.
It has been a difficult time and he and his family are very grateful for your continued prayers and good wishes.

01Jul ACP Helpline

ACP Helpline

26Jun Shalom

Seamus Ahearne emerges from lockdown "taken back myself at how old I had got and how I had deserved the cocooning!" 
"It is a humbling reflection to glance backwards towards 14/15th March and since.
The world lived without us. Lived without Church. Lived without Mass. No Holy Week. No Easter. No Baptisms. No First Communion. No Confirmations. No house visits. No Schools. No full Funerals. No shopping. No hospital visiting or visits to the sick.
Somehow the sky didn’t fall in.  We can’t go back to how we were."

24Jun Hands

Chris McDonnell thinks about one thing that has been missed in recent weeks - "the exchange of touch between each other in recent weeks for without words our hands speak of our emotions, our cares and our suffering."
"It is with our hands that we take and give, share and consume. What could be more practical than we receive the gift of the Christ in the same manner?"

20Jun Table for Transparency Scores of Dioceses in 2020

Revised: Armagh were incorrectly reported and their revised score is now 30.

We Are Church Ireland publish their 'Transparency Table' for irish dioceses.
The Transperancy Scores are calculated based on 10 criteria developed by Voice of the Faithful in the USA. The criteria include the availability on websites of Annual Accounts; details of the Finance Committee; Search functions to quickly find information; financial guidelines.

18Jun Bishops are free to publish their ad limina reports; but they prefer to keep them secret

Soline Humbert questions why our bishops don't publish their ad limina reports, considering that in other places they do exactly that.

17Jun If these walls could speak.’

Seamus Ahearne's riverside reflections lead him to conclude that "Like Jeremiah this weekend; we all have to speak up and speak out.... I call on our leaders and our ministers to speak up and to speak out. With a new vision of parish, church, priesthood and sacrament.    There is a new place for God and the Word,  to be heard.”

15Jun ACP Statement on the re-introduction of Public Masses


UPDATED - to include Document from Western Bishops - Tuam, Achonry, Clonfert, Elphin, Galway, Killala
Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of God

14Jun A bitter struggle for the soul of Catholicism

Brendan Hoban wonders why Pope Francis' agenda is not gaining traction in the Irish church; the agenda "to rediscover and implement the insights of the Second Vatican Council.... to focus on protecting planet earth, to place the poor at the centre of our concerns, to breathe new life into the concept of mercy, to emphasise a synodal (or group)  approach to decision-making and to find new ways of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ."

13Jun It mattered then, It matters now.

Chris McDonnell in writing about the murder of George Floyd reminds us that true leadership comes at a cost; "Colin Kaepernick. When he first protested against racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling down during the United States national anthem in the summer of 2016, he did so paying a high personal price but his actions gained him respect."

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