06Oct A Time to Dream

Chris McDonnell, in the Catholic Times, lets us know that it is good to have dreams to aim for ... that when "memories begin to fracture .. the dreams we once had remain."
"a Synod called to listen to the voices of South America, is in session. It will have repercussions for the whole Church. Not only will it consider issues specific to that community of our Church, but it will tell us a story of how our dreams are shaped and cared for. We must listen, we must respond, we must care for each other."

01Oct Women’s Equality is Essential for our Church – ACP

Statement by ACP on Women’s Equality being Essential for our Church

01Oct What Happened to Fr Seán Fagan? by Angela Hanley

Soline Humbert writes about the forthcoming launch of What Happened to Fr Seán Fagan? by Angela Hanley, Columba Press, on Thursday 03 October at 6:30 pm, at The Milestone Gallery,Glasnevin Cemetery,Dublin 9.
Soline says, "It is a great credit to Angela Hanley that she is able to write about such painful matters in a clear, measured and informative way. Under her pen Seán Fagan is given back the spirituality, humanity and dignity which the CDF had sought to deny him. His lifetime pastoral dedication to lifting burdens from people's backs is given proper recognition."

30Sep An “extraordinary mercy” – “I give you the power of the keys”

Paddy Ferry draws our attention to a story that is carried in newwaysministry.org about Fr. James Alison, his suspension by the Congregation for Clergy and the “extraordinary mercy” of a phone call from Pope Francis.

30Sep Women and the Church – Public Meeting – Next Saturday, 05 October

The Association of Catholic Priests will host a public meeting on
Women and the Church on Saturday 05 October 2019 at 2.00 p.m. in DCU, Dublin

Speakers: Sharon Tighe-Mooney and Mary McAleese (in an interview with Gerry O'Connor cssr)
All welcome

26Sep A Power Sharing Model of Synodality from Germany

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, writing about 'Synodality' says that "The truth is that there is a split, a clear divide, opening up in the Catholic Church between those who realise that ‘synodality’ (clergy and laity working together rather than clergy dominating laity) is the way forward and those who want things to remain as they were."

22Sep A Comment on the Comments (or not)

Seamus Ahearne encourages all of us to share more of our thoughts and opinions on our ACP website.
" In some ways, no one should be let into priesthood unless they can use words, speak up/out, and write. The routine of each day, challenges us to write."

20Sep A Crisis of Conscience

Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, uses his UK perspective on Brexit to reflect on those who are faced with a crisis of conscience.

18Sep Association of Catholics in Ireland – call on bishops to consider Lumen Gentium

Association of Catholics in Ireland in a press release call on Irish bishops to consider Lumen Gentium 37 at their autumn meeting on October 1st.

16Sep New Cardinals: The men are the message

Thomas Reese SJ in the National Catholic Reporter gives an insight into the significance of the recent appointments of ten new Cardinal electors by Pope Francis.

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