23Nov Priest stresses the need for adequate Mental Health Support by the State in the community

Fr. Michael Toomey of Clonmel has spoken out about the dire need for state resources to be properly deployed to help people with mental health problems. He spoke with Sean O'Rourke and Minister Jim Daly on RTE Radio 1. 
Sarah McDonald has also reported on this issue in the Irish Independent.

21Nov We Are Church Ireland – Advent Liturgy

This year the WAC Ireland Advent Liturgy will be in the Chapel, Mercy International Centre, 64A Baggot Street, Dublin 2. 
Please join us on Sunday 01 December 2019 at 3.00pm for our Advent liturgy followed by a cup of tea and time to talk about Pope Francis and reform of our church. Our collection this year will be for CONCERN.

21Nov Fr Brian D’Arcy, myself and that Late, Late moment

In his Western People column Brendan Hoban reminisces about his ‘Late Late’ moment on the famous programme that saw Brian D’Arcy challenge Cardinal Cathal Daly.
"D'Arcy, of course, was right in what he said on that 1995 Late Late Show. I salute his courage in saying it, when so many said nothing, even though they knew he was right and knew too that it needed to be said. And we all know now that what has happened in the last 25 years validates what D’Arcy said on that night."

17Nov Statement from ACP – Oliver O’Reilly PP and the attack on Mr Kevin Lunney

Further to the Sunday Independent story today, 17 November, the ACP issued a statement regarding Oliver O'Reilly PP and the position he has adopted in relation to the recent attack on Mr Kevin Lunney.

15Nov When I Was Growing Up

Jo O Sullivan outlines the journey from 'slumbering' catholic to 'revolting' catholic, from agonising 'over continuing to participate in shoring up the dysfunctional Institutional Church by continuing to give of my time and talent to the Church' to the decision that 'I could come back into the fold with all my heart and all my soul, provided I sought out every opportunity available to me to bring about change.'
'I find that the passion that drives me these days is to open Catholic hearts and minds here locally into a welcoming acceptance of our LGBT brothers and sisters.'

14Nov The Meaning of Life – Bernard Lynch

Video - We are Church Ireland - Fr Bernard Lynch: The title of his talk was "Vatican hypocrisy and hope for our church" but the title should really be "The Meaning of Life"

11Nov Letters from the Synod of the Amazon

The Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region was held in the Vatican from 06 to 27 October 2019.
Br Mark O'Connor FMS, Vicar for Communications, Parramatta Diocese provided regular updates and news from the Synod to his diocese.

06Nov We Are Church Ireland – “Vatican hypocrisy and hopes for our church”

Fr Bernárd Lynch is to receive the Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad from President Michael D. Higgins on 21. November 2019!
WAC are delighted that Fr Bernárd Lynch will be addressing our WAC meeting on 11 November 2019 in Trinity College Dublin (School of Religion, Loyola Institute Building)!

06Nov Fr. Des Wilson R.I.P.

We have received the sad news of the death of Des Wilson, at the age of 94.
We extend our sympathies to his family and to his colleagues in Down & Connor.
May he rest in peace.

05Nov The Ultimate Cluster ….

praytellblog.com carries an item of new "super" parishes being created in Germany with an average of 35,000 parishioners but in this case with a population of 99,000.
Is this where 'clustering' is taking us? Is there any reason the planned structure for administration and pastoral care could not be employed using lay people in our current parishes?

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