29Mar Ireland’s Draft National Energy and Climate Plan Require Major Revision

Sean McDonagh argues that Ireland’s Draft National Energy and Climate Plan require major revisions.

28Mar An Outsider Inside

Jo O'Sullivan writes about her experience of her struggle "with being a Catholic since the publication of the Murphy Report, when I first became aware of the total betrayal by the leaders of my church."

25Mar The Christchurch Massacre – social media another tool of bigotry and terror

Brendan Hoban writes in his Western People column about the murder of worshippers in a Christchurch mosque and how social media meant "the world wide web was bringing live to the eyes of the world the personal holocaust he [the murderer] was inflicting on his victims."
"Uncontrolled and, it would seem, uncontrollable media have added to the effectiveness of those who can – apparently with impunity – inflict their warped ideologies on the public by perpetrating indefensible outrages, in an effort to publicise their malign philosophies."

24Mar We Do Not Lose Heart

Words spoken by Pádraig McCarthy in St Patrick’s Cathedral on St Patrick’s Day 2019, at an Ecumenical Celebration of St Patrick’s Legacy, organised by the Dublin Council of Churches
We do not lose heart:
The life and Faith of St Patrick bridging 1500 years

23Mar A Rambling Note Towards Easter

Seamus Ahearne begins to cast his mind to the coming Easter. "Easter calls on us to accept the wonder and the challenge of today."

22Mar The Church of the Future

Diarmuid Martin  Archbishop of Dublin, spoke recently at Saint Michael’s Church of Ireland, Limerick, on the 'The Church of the Future'. His words have been widely reported and are on the Dublin Diocese's website.
"My hope is that the future of the Church in Ireland will be one where we truly learn from the arrogance of our past and find anew a fragility which will allow the mercy and the compassion of Jesus to give us a change of heart and allow others through a very different Church to encounter something of that compassion and faith for their lives."

22Mar International Conference on Religions and Sustainable Development Goals

Sean McDonagh reports on the International Conference on Religions and Sustainable Development Goals that was held from 07 March to 09 March in the Vatican. 

21Mar ACP Regional Meetings; February 2019 – Summary

Regional meetings in support of the well-being of priests were held during February in Kilkenny, Tuam, Cork, Letterkenny, Dublin, Limerick and Armagh.

21Mar The days we call Lent

In his Catholic Times column Chris McDonnell reflects on Lent.
"Too often we are quick with our answers on matters of faith and morality when really we should look more at the options and context..........Maybe that is what Lent gives us, more time than usual to ask the difficult questions, not of others but of ourselves. And if the answers are not immediate, then we should not worry."

17Mar Deanery Meeting – An Unhappy Experience

Jo O'Sullivan gives an account of her experience of a Deanery meeting.
"My experience at the Deanery meeting has me wondering if, ........ It is all only window-dressing - a pretence that the members of Parish Pastoral Councils are involved in decision-making.

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