18Oct Annual General Meeting of the ACP is on 29 October

The Leadership Team of our association report on the AGM — which takes place in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone on Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 2.00pm. This event marks three years of the ACP.

17Jul Government should reconsider Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill

Pádraig McCarthy asks the government to reconsider before adding the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill to the statute books. He presents a specific case where gender selection is the reason for a mother threatening suicide, noting that abortion for the purpose of gender selection is illegal in England and Wales.

13Mar Kilmore priests express forthright opinions at local ACP meeting

The report on their recent meeting submitted by the ACP in Kilmore diocese reveals disappointment with the Irish Hierarchy that they did not meet with the Leadership Team of the ACP — among other things.

12Mar New pope must address scandal of Legionaries founder

Tony Flannery raises the questions over the protection of child abuser Maciel Degollado which remain unanswered — a major issue that the new Pope will need to deal with if he is to attempt to reform the Curia (article first published in the Irish Times on 11 March).

07Jan Bishops investigating US nuns have poor records on sex abuse cases

Jason Berry investigates a charge of hypocrisy levelled against Vatican prelates investigating the US Religious (first published in the National Catholic Report on 5 January 2013.) See original report and comments here

12Dec Analysing the Child Sex offender

Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author, reviews the latest research into child sex offenses in this half-hour-long BBC Four radio programme

30Nov ACP leaders bring priests’ concerns to Ian Elliot

The ACP Leadership Team report on their meeting with Ian Elliot, the CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.

08Nov A new prayer for serenity is offered for all

Fr James Martin SJ has written a 'New Serenity Prayer' — recommended to ACP and ACI members, bishops etc.

18Sep Sin of clericalism is at heart of sexual abuse crisis

Scott Appleby believes that at the heart of the sexual abuse crisis is the sin of clericalism — a constellation of ideas and practices rooted in the conviction that ordination to the priesthood confers a special and privileged status that places the priest above the non-ordained baptized by virtue of the sacrament itself

10Sep Bishop’s Public Statement when priest steps aside is unnecessary

Bill Cosgrave argues against the practice of making a public statement in a parish in the event of an allegation against a priests. This is a position that has been vigorously argued by the ACP since its foundation. This article was first published in The Furrow.