06Jul Understanding and explaining our Sunday Scriptures

Tony Flannery reflects on how we interpret and explain the Sunday Scriptures.
'I know that a lot has, and can, be written about the proper interpretation of the scriptures. But today's Gospel reading makes a couple of very straight, simple statements, .......... We are told that Jesus had four brothers, and an indefinite number of sisters."

24Oct St Mark has a message for people on the margins

Richard Rohr meditates on Mark's gospel and finds there a model for ministry

19Aug Priest forced out of his parish in Poland takes his case to Rome

Jonathon Luxmoore reports the case of Fr Wojciech Lemanski whose conflict with his bishop awaits  a ruling from the Vatican. First published in the  National Catholic Reporter on 12 August: read original article and comments here.

30Jul 30 July, 2013. Tuesday of the Seventeenth Week

The Way of the LORD’s Covenant

The giving of the Law is reported in Exodus chapters 19-24, but the theological commentary on it (chapters 32-34) is key to the entire Book of Exodus

01Jul Can theology be wrong?

Patrick Rodgers reflects on the story of Abraham and Isaac, and the difficulty religious leaders have in admitting their mistakes.

25May Homosexuality and the Bible to be explored in Dublin conference

Kieran O'Mahony OSA is  to present a conference on 'Homosexuality and the Bible' in All Hallows College in June. Full details in EVENTS section (see menu on top of this page).

03Apr Sometimes seeing is not believing: loving is

Mary O. Vallely shares an Easter reflection on Mary Magdalene, a saint she believes to have been badly treated by the official Church down through the centuries (reflection composed by Fr James Martin SJ).

07Mar Church should accept gay people as they are

Brian Fahy shares the lesson of accepting people as they are, which he learned from his late wife Margaret. He wishes the church would learn to accept all its gay members as they are — drawing on the story of the Prodigal Son to illustrate his message.

03Dec Ordination of women would correct injustice, says NCR

The Editorial Staff of the NCR (National Catholic Reporter, USA) reflect on Roy Bourgeois' dismissal from the Maryknolls for preaching in favour of the ordination of women (reported here). They advance their opinion that barring women from ordinatiom to priesthood is an injustice that cannot be allowed to stand.

12Aug The Bread and the Olympics

The Olympics and John Ch. 6. Two different worlds. Or are they?
Pádraig McCarthy.