28Jan Reflection on the US Presidential Election

A reflection by Fr Jim Bacik on the US election. Jim gave a joint diocesan retreat for Tuam and Kilalloe priests in Esker last June. His wisdom and spirituality was well received with Karl Rahner as a 'giant on his shoulder'.
"it is clear that Pope Francis offers a worldview that challenges the thrust of the Trump movement."

21Apr Something is rotten in the state of ………… Time for CDF to be stood aside and properly investigated.

Gerard Moloney, a Redemptorist priest, and former editor of the magazine 'Reality' writes of the appalling experience he suffered at the hands of the CDF.

"How can you defend yourself if you don’t know you are on trial? How can you defend yourself if you don’t know who your accusers are? How can you defend yourself when your fate has been decided even before you discover you have been on trial? It is an utterly unjust and unchristian system.

Something is rotten in the state of the CDF, and while the current people and processes remain in place, nothing will change. Priests, sisters and brothers will continue to be treated as less than human, and will have their lives hurt or broken.

... injustice has a price, and I am paying it every day."

13Feb Mercy in Action

Mike O'Maera reports in the NCR of the Kenyan Bishops' Conference celebrating Lent and the Year of Mercy in a very practical way. Could it be an example for European and U.S. Bishops' Conferences to copy and lessen their use of the year as a drive to get people back into the confessional?

30Nov Fr Gerry Reynolds R.I.P.

With the sad news of the death of Gerry Reynolds we carry links to BBC N.I. and UTV. We extend our sympathies to his family and to his Redemptorist colleagues. May he rest in peace.

24Nov The Inquisition by any other name

Fr. P. John Mannion in this article explores the disjunction between the Church’s Canon Law and the teaching of the New Testament.
He does so in the context of the dealings of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly The Inquisition, with Fr. Tony Flannery.
The injustice of those dealings and lack of due process is compounded when some commentators lay charges against Tony Flannery on the basis of what the CDF has done rather than anything he actually said.

20Nov Faith, Ethics, Elections, Citizenship

Pádraig McCarthy poses some interesting questions as we face into a general election in the Republic of Ireland early in the new year.
"We have an election coming early next year, significant for the centenary of 1916. How does our faith in Jesus Christ inform our active citizenship?
What inspiration and challenges can faith offer to setting goals in political and public life? "

07Nov Ordination of married men would cause other major changes within the church

Soline Humbert recommended this recent article by Joan Chittister OSB in NCR as worthwhile reading.

Joan argues that 'if Pope Francis takes the question of married men seriously, that could, for a change, lead to real change'.
..."young unmarried women see little or no place for themselves in the male church." ..."So pollsters track them as they go somewhere else seeking spiritual nourishment or, just as likely, go nowhere at all. Disillusioned with the gap between Christian teaching and Catholic practice on equality, religion has little meaning for them now. In a world where secular institutions are more likely to recognize the fullness of a woman's humanity than the church does, church does not interest them much anymore. "
"I am convinced that until the women's question is addressed in the church, the numbers will continue to decline, and the church will fail in the 21st century"

01Nov Priests call for open discussion on the need for equality of Women in all aspects of Church life, including Ministry.

A group of Catholic priests have taken Pope Francis at his word in calling for dialogue in the Church and have called for open discussion on the need for equality of Women in all aspects of Church life, including Ministry.
Their statement is attached for your information.

01Nov Documented Appeal to Pope Francis to Request the Re-instatement of the Ordained Diaconate for Women

Luca Badini Confalonieri, Research Director, on behalf of the Trustees, Patrons and Staff of the Wijngaards Institute recently appealed directly to Pope Francis for the Re-instatement of the Ordained Diaconate for Women.
"There should be no room in our Roman Catholic Church today for the rationale which subverted female deacons in the Middle Ages: the phobia concerning menstruation and the conceit that women are innately inferior to men.
The need for the ministry of women deacons is plain in every country. May your hands be the first to restore the diaconal dignity to women."

29Oct The need to grow in Wisdom and Mercy

Tim Hazelwood outlines his thinking, and that of the Pastoral Council of Killeagh-Inch parish, for inviting Tony Flannery to speak in their parish and the subsequent reasons for the withdrawal of the invitation.

The initial fall out from Bishop Billy Crean's intervention has been covered previously at "What did the bishop achieve?" https://www.associationofcatholicpriests.ie/2015/09/what-did-the-bishop-achieve/