23Oct One Man, One vote; One woman, No Vote: Where stands the Synod’s Credibility?

Nicole Sotelo has a very interesting article in NCR.

Can we not learn from history?
No matter how many statements are made about the dignity of women, the status of Mary vis a vis apostles and saints, the use of feminine pronouns when referring to church, the fact that women are totally excluded from decision making roles poses huge questions and problems about the credibility of statements coming from the synod and church authorities.
At the synod women were allowed observe and make some statements but had no role is decision making or voting. Can and should the world take seriously any statement resulting from such a process in the 21st century?

21Oct Social Justice and the Family; presented by the Association of Catholics in Ireland

Notice of an Association of Catholics in Ireland presentation with Fr. Gerry O Hanlon and Alice Leahy in All Hallows on Saturday 14 November at 2.00 p.m..

16Oct German bishops pledge promotion of women

Jonathan Luxmoore reports in The Tablet on an initiative by the German bishops to promote women to positions of leadership.
Our Irish football team may have beaten Germany recently but the German bishops seem to be in a commanding lead over ours when it comes to recognising the realities of life in the 21st century and acting on them; this latest development following on from their refusal to accept a poor translation of liturgical texts from Vatican officials and the comments coming from the German speaking group at the synod.

22Jun Lecture on The Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si, and its implications for Church and Society.

The Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si, and its implications for Church and Society.

Venue: Trinity College Chapel, Dublin
Date: Monday, June 29th

Time: 8.00pm.

18Jun “Praise be to you, my Lord”


27Feb Big Tobacco Flexes its Muscles

Sean McDonagh comments on the current conflict between Dr. James Reilly, the Children’s Minister, and Japan Tobacco International over the issue of plain packaging of cigarettes.
Sean challengingly reminds us that "Religious people do comment on alcohol miss-use, but not on cigarettes. I wonder why, because every time you use tobacco products as described by the producer you harm yourself and those around you."

01Sep Peter McVerry sj: Social Activist and  Campaigner

Kirsty Jane McCluskey interviews Peter McVerry SJ, for her project about Jesuit vocation and identity: http://jesuitstories.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/peter-mcverry-sj-social-activist-and-campaigner/

28Aug Australian bishops gravely concerned about crisis in Iraq

Gerry Hefferan, St Joseph and St Anthony Parish, Bracken Ridge, in Queensland, Australia draws our attention to a statement of the Australian catholic bishops who have expressed grave concern at the humanitarian crisis that is continuing to worsen in northern Iraq. They state that 'The best outcome for the Christians and Yazidis of Iraq is peace and security, so they can return to their homes. But if this is not possible, the Australian Government should agree to offer safe haven to many of these displaced people so they can try to rebuild their shattered lives.'
Is the reaction of the church and state in Ireland appropriate in response to this and other growing crises?

20May ‘Materialism’ isn’t our real problem: covetousness is

So many Church people today blame 'materialism' for the loss of faith: here, Sean O Connaill suggests that materialism is not the problem, but rather covetous or mimetic desire. The fundamental human need that drives surplus material acquisition is a need for something entirely non-material. Homilists are challenged to reflect this in their words.

04May The poor pay a high price for our cheap clothes

Fr Sean McDonagh SSC reflects on the collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh, and how where we buy our clothes has implications far beyond what we might be aware of.

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