26Oct Leaders of 34 Women’s Orders Call for Admission of Women to all Church Offices

The leaders of 34 women’s orders in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg are calling for the admission of women to all church ministries and offices while calling for a new “culture of dialogue, of participation, and of gender equality.”

31May The New National Maternity Hospital and The Religious Sisters of Charity

The Religious Sisters of Charity have decided to end their involvement in Saint Vincent’s Healthcare Group and to have no further involvement in the New National Maternity Hospital.
In the light of the discussion that has gone on about this subject the statement from the Sisters of Charity is carried here in full.

15Aug Leading in difficult times

Dawn Cherie Araujo reports in 'Global Sisters Report' on the recent Leadership Conference of Women Religious National Assembly at Houston, Texas.
Sr. Janet Mock, former LCWR executive director, referring to the Vatican’s now-concluded LCWR doctrinal assessment and mandate said "she was able to maintain hope during those years, because she tries to see the good in people. But during the process someone told her she needed to be more willing to look at the culture of corruption from which the Vatican’s actions stemmed."

11Nov Srs. Marie Duddy and Frances Forde; a reflection

Brian McKee, Director, Seedlings, offers this reflection on the impact of the lives and work of Sr Frances Forde and Sr. Marie Duddy who sadly died in a road traffic accident.

A married man, Brian works with the Passionists as Director of Tobar Mhuire Retreat Centre, near Belfast, and in the parish of Holy Cross, Ardoyne in the work of peace and reconciliation. www.seedlingsireland.com

25Aug Do Irish nuns need to listen to their American sisters?

Brendan Hoban in his weekly Western People column states that history, while recognising the failures and limitations of a minority of Irish nuns, will eventually laud the extraordinary contribution nuns have made to Irish life. '
The self-less service given by thousands of nuns should not be air-brushed from the national memory. They deserve more than that.

05Jan Pope Francis tells Religious to “wake up the world”

Joshua J. McElwee presents Pope Francis' dialogue with the leaders of the international umbrella group for men's communities, published on Friday 3 January in an Italian Jesuit magazine (this account is from the National Catholic Reporter: read original version and comments here ).

12Dec The Church never treats women as fully independent adults

Joan Chittester reacts to Pope Francis' committment to develop "a profound theology of the woman", asking what contributiom women will be allowed to make to this. (Article comprises remarks made at a conference aiming to give a snapshot view of Pope Francis and the challenges he faces: first published in the NCR on 11 December 2013 — see www.ncronline.org.)

12Dec Mix of fact and fiction in ‘Philomena’ takes from its impact

Brendan Hoban reviews the movie 'Philomena', currently on general release. He believes it didn’t need to add fictional elements to present the facts as unacceptable and inhumane (first published in this week's Western People).